Clean, Safe & Convenient Home Heating options

Many households in Grundy, Will & Kendall county are enjoying the comfort, convenience, & efficiency of GRAINCO FS propane energy.  Call GRAINCO FS today at (815) 942-1022 for service. 

Propane for your Home
GRAINCO FS Propane can handle all your residential needs. From home heating to powering appliances, we'll have your home warm. Switching to GRAINCO FS for your propane has never been easier. Call GRAINCO FS today to make the hassle-free SWITCH.
Pre-Buy and Budget Price Protection
For cost-conscious homeowners, GRAINCO FS offers 2 convenient fixed-price protection programs. Choose our monthly budget program, or pre-buy for the season. With a contract, propane price fluctuations won’t be a factor during the high-demand heating season.
When to call for a propane delivery
Call to schedule your delivery when your tank reads between 20%-30%. Keep in mind we deliver to three counties & are in a specific area on each day of the week. If you are very low on propane & need an emergency delivery there could be additional charges to send the driver to your area.
Service or Emergency
24/7 Emergency Service - To report a propane emergency or smell of propane gas call GRAINCO FS at 815-942-1022.

Out of gas - Same day deliveries may be charged a delivery fee and will require a leak check.

After hours out-of-gas deliveries to "will-call" customers will be charged a safety/leak check and emergency delivery fee.

Tank Installation, safety inspections, leak checks, pressure checks, tank and equipment maintenance are just an overview of the propane service we offer.

Contact your GRAINCO FS Propane Specialist

Contact your GRAINCO FS Propane Specialist for your home, farm and business needs. 

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