Since the 1920s, the FS System has been providing fuels to farmers across the Midwest. Today, the FS System is a leading supplier of refined and renewable fuels to a wide range of accounts including farmers, truckers, construction companies, municipalities and more. Sales of Dieselex® Gold, the premium diesel fuel with origins back to 1952, are growing rapidly as users experience the benefits of using the latest in fuel-additive chemistry. In fact, it was one of the first fuels to be recognized in the Top Tier Diesel Fuel program.


SURE-FLO is a multifunctional, multicomponent, heavy duty diesel fuel additive for winter use, designed for adequate fluidity when stored above -30°F. It is formulated with a proprietary blend of cold flow improvers, wax nucleators, wax anti-settling agents, and heavy wax modifiers. It also includes a glycol ether deicer for freeze-up protection. SURE-FLO is specifically formulated to provide exceptional winter performance in #2 diesel and biodiesel blends.

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    SURE-FLO is designed to:

    -Improve Low Temperature Operability in a wide range of fuels by lowering the CFPP (cold filter plugging point) and pour point without reducing the fuel’s energy content.
    -Designed to reduce and/or replace blending with #1 fuel oil.
    -Moisture Control/Deicer significantly reduces risk of fuel line freeze-up or fuel filter icing.


    Unleaded Gasoline with Ethanol Features:

    • Controlled volatility for easy starting, fast warm-up, excellent acceleration & maximum power
    • Seasonally tailored vapor pressure which helps prevent vapor lock, allows quick cold starts & helps prevent carburetor icing
    • Specially additized to provide clean-up of port fuel injectors, excellent carburetor detergency & elimination of fuel induction system deposits

    Recommended for use in:

    • Engines designed to run on unleaded gasoline.

    Available in 87 Octane and 91 Premium

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    FS CLEAN FLOW is designed to provide 3 times the EPA minimum required level of detergent for IVD’s (Intake Valve Deposits). It contains eight times the minimum level of detergent for carburetors and ensures up to 6 times improvement in gum-free storage life compared to most gasoline.