Advanced Farming

​At GRAINCO FS, Inc. we're experts in the field.  Our crop specialists are driven to maximize every acre and bring the latest agronomic technologies and innovations to your farm.  Whether recommending the appropriate hybrid or variety, nutrient management for optimum growth, or advice on disease and pest management, our crop specialists are always focused on pointing your operations forward.  So, the only thing you'll be asking us is, what's next?​

 Soil Testing

​Soil testing allows us to gather specific characteristics about your field to make sure the correct agronomic decisions are being made.  By knowing the level of nutrients in your field we can calculate what your fields needs are.​

 Fertilizer and VRT

​Being able to put product where needed along with the proper distribution are key components to making sure the crop has the proper nutrient availablity throughout its growth stages.  With the products and services that GRAINCO FS has to offer we are able to help your crop.​

 Starter Fertilizer

​Hyperlink is a 50/50 Ortho/Poly Starter Fertilizer blend that contains an analysis of 8-24-4.  Hyperlink enhances root development, and improves plants ablility to metabolize nutrients through its roots. ​

 Plant Health

Fungicides have become a key component to not only the health of a plant, but also to its reproductive stages. Making sure that plant is protected from any potential disease threat especially during pollination is a vital part to protecting grain fill. 

​Harvest Max™ is GRAINCO's proprietary foliar plant nutrition product.  Designed to meet the nutritional needs of corn and soybeans, but can be used on multiple agronommic crops to improve overall plant nutrition.  Foliar nutrition helps defend against stresses impacting the plant.  Increased humectancy (moisture retention) and tank-mixing capabilities.

Harvest Max™

Harvest Max™ Comparisons