​The vision for GRAINCO FS is "TO be the best agricultural cooperative in the markets we serve."  This vision requires the combined efforts of GRAINCO FS and its employees - working together for the ultimate benefit of its owners.​


Lostant • Mazon • Mendota • Minooka • Newark • Ottawa 
Seneca • Serena • Streator • Yorkville


Begun in 1928 under the Capper-Volstead Act of 1922, the predecessor companies of GRAINCO FS, Inc. formed as individual companies servicing single counties in Illinois.  Over the subsequent years, agriculture evolved and so did the needs of the farmer, growing and moving away from urban centers.  With these changes mergers have been a way for cooperatives to adapt to these changes.  What began as a series of one-county supply and grain companies have combined to  become the largest agricultureal cooperative in its market.

The Company is organized and operates as a cooperative, which means the owners of the Company are also the partrons it serves.  GRAINCO FS along with other FS and grain member companies own GROWMARK, Inc. GROWMARK serves the wholesale purchasing function for GRAINCO FS, as well as furnishing many of the support functions necessary to operate a Company.

As a cooperative, GRAINCO FS is led by its Board of Directors; directors are elected by the stockholders.  A Director must be actively engaged in farming, a customer of the company, and a farm bureaut member to qualify as a director.  ​