For over 80 years, FS Propane has been a reliable source of propane for home and on-farm heating. Millions use efficient, economical, and convenient propane to heat their homes. With FS Propane, customers get more than just heat; they get expert service, routine safety checks and advice from a trained propane specialist.


We understand just how busy life can get, so we want to make doing business with us that much easier. We offer a variety of flexible payment, service programs, and equipment setups to meet all your propane needs. GRAINCO FS's strong commitment to customer satisfaction and safety provides our customers a clean, reliable, and safe energy source for a great value. ​

 Why use propane?


  • Propane is clean burning and non-toxic.
  • Propane is recognized as the "green energy" and by using propane home owners can help cut emissions and protect the environment.


  • Almost 90% of all propane is produced in the United States, so you can always count on it unlike other foreign imported fuels.
  • Propane often works when and where other energy sources may not.


  • Propane on average costs about half as much per BTU as electricity.
  • Propane burns hotter and more evenly than many other fuels.
  • Propane appliances have a shorter energy savings payback period (the time it takes for an appliance to pay for itself via energy savings).


  • Propane has a remarkable safety record.
  • Stringent safety regulations set by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) make gas the safest source of fuel to heat homes.
  • Propane is not harmful to soil or water.​​

 Our Services

  • ​​Residential, Business, and Dryer Propane Gas Service
  • Parts & Fittings
  • Cylinder and Motor Home Refill 
  • Piping
  • Regulators
  • Tanks
  • Installation ​

 Propane Contracting Options

Even Pay Plan

The Even Pay Plan reduces seasonal surprises by spreading your annual propane expenses throughout the year. GRAINCO FS will estimate your annual propane usage and divide it into 11 equal payments so you will know exactly what you'll be paying each month. The final month of the program is then used to settle any remaning charges or credits. Your annual propane usage is estimated by factoring in the size and energy efficiency of your home, number and kind of appliances that use propane, and previous years' usage.


Prepay Plan

100% Pre-Payment Option allows customers to pay for all of their year's estimate propane usage up front at the best price. As your tank is filled, each load will be billed against your pre-payment credit. Once you use up all your contracted gallons then you will be subject to off the truck prices.

For more information, or to sign up today, give one of our LP specialist a call at 1-866-990-FSLP​