​Just as the name implies, our FAST STOP stations are set up so you can get what you need and get back on the road. GRAINCO FS has a FAST STOP located in Yorkville, Illinois. Our FAST STOPs are part of a network of more than 300 locations throughout the Midwest. We offer 24 hour fueling, gasoline, Dieselex Gold premium diesel, and E85.​

Today nothing affects your bottom line more than rising fuel costs. Whether you track fuel purchases of your employees or your household, take charge with the FS FUEL 24 Card!

The FS FUEL 24 Card eliminates the need for cash or additional credits cards. You'll receive one easy to-read statement, detailing every purchase. We want to make it easier to concentrate on your business and your household, not your fuel budget.

FUEL 24 Features and Benefits

  • The FUEL 24 Card is issued and maintained by GRAINCO FS. That means that when you have questions regarding your account, you work with someone locally, not 100 miles away or in another country.
  • The FUEL 24 Card is networked among FAST STOP and FAST STOP Express locations across the Midwest. With nearly 300 locations, we have a location near by.
  • Eliminate the need to swipe your card multiple times to fill your vehicle. The dollar purchase limitations associated with major bank cards can be eliminated by using the FUEL 24 card.
  • Using the FUEL 24 program can eliminate the need for on-site bulk fuel storage. Eliminating bulk fuel storage can cut costs while eliminating environment liabilities.
  • Many of our sites are unattended and feature 24/7/365 card activated fueling. 
  • Cards can be programmed to restrict purchases:
    • Type of fuel
    • Dollar amount
    • Day of the week
    • Time of day
    • Specific sites
  • For greater security or greater convenience, multiple cards can be set up with identical PIN numbers or different PIN numbers.
  • No Monthly account maintenance or access fees.

For more information, or to sign up today, please stop in or call your local GRAINCO FS!​

Fast Stop Yorkville 
​8115 Rt 47
Yorkville, IL 60560